Cladding & Reclads

Water Proofing

Located in the heart of Auckland, 100 Build and our builders understand the importance of a water proofed home. We here at 100 Build are able to completely water proof your new build home, or renovate and restore a leaky building.

Cladding & Reclads

100 Build creates and designs modern reliable timber and concrete cladding. 100 Build can develop any cladding ideas you have such as, traditional horizontal cladding, vertical battens, battens to hold aluminium cladding, and repairing & reusing old cladding.

Aluminium Joinery

Part of 100 Builds group is 100 Joinery, a team of Builders dedicated to solving joinery issues and creating durable and modern aluminium joinery. 100 Joinery
works with you to create Aluminium joinery for: windows, door jambs, and double door for decks & verandas.

Cladding & Reclads Gallery