About us

100 Build Services Ltd is a member of the certified builders association
and Licensed Building Practitioners. (LBP). 30+ years’ experience.


About 100 Build

At 100 Build Services Ltd, we focus on executing contracts to the set timeframe and always within budget. We feel it is imperative to consider the lives of the parties involved, therefore we take the time to ensure everyone is kept updated with the progress on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on our quality management over the sites we run.

Simon Muirhead, the owner of 100 Build Services Ltd, has been well established in the building industry due to over 30 years of experience in building commercial/residential sites. Simon Muirhead is proud to be a part of a generational building family, whose skills have been passed down to him by his father and grandfather which he then passed to his son, Rush Muirhead.

The Muirhead’s have been building Auckland’s future for the past 80 years, as well as continuing to build their own. 100 Build is made up of Master Build qualified builders, and excellent hardworking apprentices, who guarantee to help you build your future.

Although primarily located in Central Auckland, we are open to work at any location in the greater Auckland region. We are currently working on homes in Waiheke, all the way up North as well as down South. If you are interested in renovating, restoring, a new build, or developing amazing additions to your home, please feel free to enter your details for an enquiry. Our office staff will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible so you can begin to build your future.